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Neighbourhood Plan 2 | 2020 - 2038

Your Voice - Your Melksham

Have your say and respond to the Consultation

on the draft Updated Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan

Monday 16th October - Sunday 3rd December 2023

We now need your feedback and input into the overall draft updated Plan

(technically referred to as a “modification proposal”) - JMNP2,  which has reached a

formal stage of consultation (known as Regulation 14).

Find out more below...

Take a look at the draft Neighbourhood Plan 2

We now need your feedback and input into the overall draft updated Plan - Neighbourhood Plan 2 (JMNP2 for short).

Get in touch...

Anyone who has any questions, or needs a hard copy or help in any other way can get in touch with us:



Melksham Town Council, Market Place, SN12 6ES

Telephone: 01225 704187

Melksham Without Parish Council, First Floor, Melksham Campus, SN12 7ES Telephone: 01225 705700

Come along to a consultation event

at Melksham Campus, SN12 7ES

at Shaw Village Hall, SN12 8EW

at Melksham Campus, SN12 7ES

Evidence Base & Maps

The revised plan is based on research and consultation which makes up the evidence base across different topics, such as housing and Local Green Space. Click below if there are topics you want to find out more about, or to see map extracts from the draft Plan.

Have your say!

Give us your comments on the draft updated Plan via on online survey questionnaire by midnight on Sunday 3rd December.

If you need other ways to respond please get in touch. You can skip questions, or add detailed comments. We think that the survey will take a minimum of 10 minutes.  You can download a copy of the survey here.


Questions? We're collecting common questions and posting answers on this page

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