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Neighbourhood Plan 2 | 2026 - 2036

Long term and new issues like tackling climate change, providing affordable homes in the right places and helping local business recover from the impact of COVID make it imperative that our Neighbourhood Plan evolves to provide strong local powers, alongside Wiltshire’s upcoming new Local Plan that will set out where new homes and jobs will be provided looking ahead to 2036.

The Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan runs to 2026. But we need to stay up-to-date and aligned to the new Wiltshire Plan. The Steering Group will be making sure there are plenty of opportunities for you to have your say and get involved throughout this process. 


The Joint Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has resolved that Neighbourhood Plan 2 is starting in early 2022 and will look at the following topics:

  • Assessment and information to inform approach to housing (together with the Local Plan)  

  • Protecting valued local green spaces

  • Further addressing climate change

  • Planning for future vitality of the town centre

  • Protecting our local heritage

  • Ensuring that local priorities are addressed as the bypass project is developed.


The Steering Group will also explore how to appropriately address the Canal Link project.

Get Involved

Getting input from local people is critical to ensure that Neighbourhood Plan guides the future development of homes and facilities that our community needs and wants.


Questions? We're collecting common questions and posting answers on this page

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