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Neighbourhood Plan 1 | 2020 - 2026

In July 2021 Melksham’s first Neighbourhood Plan was voted into force. It gives the communities of Melksham Town and Melksham Without real local planning power in guiding the conservation and development of our area until 2026.

The Steering Group are really pleased to say that the Plan is already being used successfully to make sure development is plan-led and more closely aligned to what local people want. It's used by Wiltshire Council to determine Planning applications in Melksham and Melksham Without. On this page you can find out more detail about the Plan.


Agents and developers should also see our pre-application protocol.

Neighbourhood Plan

Download the full made / adopted Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan here

Mini Guide

A mini guide introduces and summarises the full Neighbourhood Plan

Evidence Base

Detailed evidence base reports underpin the Neighbourhood Plan and its policies

See an overview of the current Neighbourhood Plan below - click the arrow to the right to scroll

Videos further explain various elements of Neighbourhood Plan 1

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