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Nominate Locally Valued Heritage Assets 

Through our Neighbourhood Plan, we can also identify buildings, structures and sites that don't already have listed status (Grade I/II etc) but are worth preserving because of their quality, style or local historical importance.

Tell us about the heritage assets you value using our online map or by emailing 

You can nominate Locally Valued Heritage Assets on the online map by adding a pin with a short description and a photo (if you have one). You can also support nominations already made (there are thumbs up and down buttons) or add your own thoughts about a nomination.

The criteria for what might qualify as a local heritage asset is long and varied. But as a first vital step, the Steering Group need your suggestions to be able to identify the local features that meet these criteria.

Buildings that are already listed do not need to be identified. If you are unsure if an asset is already listed you can view the full map of listed buildings here.​


NOTE: Landowners will only be contacted once local heritage assets have been assessed and only if they are considered to meet the criteria following this stage of nomination.

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