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Nominate Special Green Spaces for Protection 

Through the Neighbourhood Plan, we can protect green spaces through a designation called Local Green Spaces.


Tell us about the green spaces you value using our online map or by emailing 




You can nominate green spaces on the online map. You can also support nominations already made (there are thumbs up and down buttons) or add your own thoughts about a nomination.

What we need to know is if a green area is​ 'demonstrably special to a local community'. This could be because of its

  • beauty;

  • historic significance;

  • recreational value (including as a playing field);

  • tranquillity; or

  • richness of its wildlife.

We want to hear from you! Tell us about the green spaces you use and value. The Steering Group need to assess any nominations received to see if they meet the criteria for Local Green Space.


NOTE: Landowners will only be contacted once spaces have been assessed and only if they are considered to meet the criteria following this stage of nomination.

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