Draft Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan 2020-2030
****The Regulation 16 Consultation has now Closed****


Wiltshire Council have now undertaken their public consultation on the draft Melksham Neighbourhood Plan (at Regulation 16 stage); this closed on 3rd February.


You can review the comments received here https://consult.wiltshire.gov.uk/kse/event/35884/peoplesubmissions/

The Plan is now with an independent Examiner who is reviewing those comments, and the Plan and supporting documents; with the Steering Group providing answers and more evidence as the examination continues.


Regulation 15 is now COMPLETE


The Steering Group have completed the Regulation15 stage of the Neighbourhood Plan process. This involved reviewing and responding to comments received from the Regulation 14 consultation held earlier in the year, and amending the Draft Plan and Evidence Base reports to reflect comments that were relevant.


The reviewed Reg. 14 Consultation version (now the Submission Plan) was approved by the Steering Group on Wednesday 21st October and by Melksham Town Council and Melksham Without Parish Council at their respective Full Council meetings on Monday 26th October.

The Melksham Neighbourhood Plan  - Submission Version October 2020 and the reviewed Evidence Base Reports are on this homepage and ready for the next stage of the plan.


The Submission Version has now been submitted to Wiltshire Council who will hold a Regulation 16 consultation. This will be advertised on this website, the parish and town councils’ websites and social media and by Wiltshire Council.


Regular updates will be shared in the Melksham Independent News.  Reg. 16 will run for another 6-week minimum period of consultation. The Plan will be examined by an appointed Planning Inspector and a report issued setting out whether the Plan meets the basic conditions.  If any modifications are needed, they will be made before proceeding to a Referendum.  

Due to current Government Covid-19 regulations, no Referendum will be held before 6th May 2021.

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An Introduction to the Melksham Neighbourhood Plan

Who is doing it?


Youth Health and Wellbeing

Children's Facilities

Download the Neighbourhood Plan documents

Please Note: Documents shown with the dark red background to the download link and (NEW) in the title have been updated from the Regulation 14 Consultation documents. Documents with the dark green/blue background and not displaying (NEW) in the title are the same as previously displayed and have not been updated 

Large versions of the maps in the Neighbourhood Plan are available for
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Supporting Material and Evidence Base

Supporting Material

When a Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to the Local Authority for the next stages of consultation and examination, it also needs to be accompanied by a number of required documents:


Consultation Statement (NEW)

Appendix 4 - Inventory of Comments Received and Proposed Resolutions (NEW)

Appendix 6 - Reg 14 Comments Form (NEW)


Appendix 2 - Melksham NP SEA Screening Decision (NEW)

Appendix 2a - to SEA Officer comments on Middle Farm, Corsham Rd housing allocation (NEW)

Appendix 3 - Melksham NDP HRA Screening V1 (NEW)



Melksham Issues - Consultation Report

Evidence Base

When a Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to the Local Authority for the next stages of consultation and examination, it also needs to be accompanied by a number of required documents:

Site Assessment Portfolio Overview (NEW)

Landscape Character March 2020

Melksham 2006 Urban Design Study - Melksham 1st


Community Character and Distinctiveness Statement (NEW)


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